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Crisis Prevention Institutes / Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Trainers

February 21, 2018


Christa Rasche

(361) 561-8550

Veronica Trevino

(361) 561-8519

Chris Harris

(361) 561-8657


*Any staff who may, or has , restrained a child needs the online TBSI training plus an approved restraint training.

In 2001, Senate Bill 1196 of the 77th Texas Legislature required the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to develop rules related to training on the use of restraint and time-out for students with disabilities. The TEA has addressed this requirement through implementation of the Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI), the addition of Texas Education Code §37.0021 Use of Confinement, Restraint, Seclusion, and Time-Out and Texas Administrative Code §89.1053 Procedures for Use of Restraint and Time-Out. Each provides specific rules and definitions pertaining to the use of time out and restraint. (TAC 89.1053 attached)

Districts are required to report each incidence of restraint using PEIMS (Special Education Child Restraint –Student). Districts were required to begin submitting this data as of the June 2004 PEIMS submission.

Attached are documentation forms and letter to parents related to Procedures of Use of Restraint.


Written Summary of Restraint Use - English.pdf Written Summary of Restraint Use - Spanish.pdf Parent Letter - Restraint - English.pdf Parent Letter - Restraint - Spanish.pdf Written Notification of Use of Restraint.pdf Notification and Documentation-Restraint.pdf TAC 89.1053 Original.pdf




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